Our Approach

Statement of Core Values

Statement of Core Values


Caritas works to a set of appreciated core values. These core values ensure a consistent approach to care and support at each home and is understood by staff and our service users. This inclusive set of values promotes teamwork, commitment and a positive environment at each home for staff and service users.

  1.  Treat people as individuals – Staff & service users
    • Respect dignity and rights
    • Promote informed choice
    • Involvement in care planning and decision making
    • Empowerment of individuals

  2. High quality service – Staff
    • In all areas of service; clinical, domestic and financial
    • Strengths and needs assessment
    • Understand and assess service users’ needs and abilities
    • Actively seek views and involvement from each service user

  3. Job satisfaction – Staff
    • Effective communication
    • Recognition of talents and an outlet for those talents
    • Accountability for defined tasks
    • Accessibility of training

  4. Teamwork with a shared sense of purpose – Staff & service users
    • Include Multi-Disciplinary Teams (GPs, social services etc.), parents/next of kin, advocacy groups, voluntary organisations, service users and carers5

  5. Management & Training – Staff
    • Work to the ideals of current and best practice
    • Training, career development and further education opportunities
    • Succession planning