Caritas works with individuals to maximize their independence. This includes active involvement in the way their services are delivered, their personal choices and aspirations, recreation and leisure activities, education and employment, and access to their local community.


Each service works with a multi-disciplinary team, and together Caritas provides 24-hour care and support in a safe and comfortable environment.



Service Model


The service we offer at Caritas takes a person-centred approach. The PCP is developed with and owned by the person using the service. It is based on a full and up to date holistic assessment of each service user.


'My positive reputation' is featured at the beginning of the PCP, to negate away from any attachment of labels, or negative characteristics of a person. Individuals are encouraged to celebrate their skills and positive attributes, and to take a proactive approach in developing solutions to any problems or issues.


The PCP includes reference to equality, diversity and clearly addresses any needs identified in the six strands of diversity which are: gender (including gender identity), age, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief, and disability.


The plan focuses on the individual: their strengths and personal preferences. The plan is a lifestyle plan, it is written with the individual, or their representative, and includes a range of information that is important to them. Information such as whom and what is important to them, how they keep safe, their goals and aspirations, their skills and abilities, and how they make choices in their life. It also includes information about their health. The PCP always celebrates the individual, their life experiences, and sets out in detail how all their current requirements and aspirations are to be met through positive individual support.



Plans will be reviewed regularly as the service users’ needs change. The PCP is service user lead. It reflects their current information. Reviews focus on asking questions about what has worked, where there is progress, achievements, concerns and what the plans are for the future.


The PCP will be reviewed with the service user (involving significant professionals, and family, friends, and advocates as agreed with the service user) at their request, or at least every six months, and will be updated to reflect changing needs. Agreed changes will be recorded and actions taken accordingly.