Our Approach

Principles of Care

Principles of Care


Caritas provides care and support in a safe and comfortable environment.

Promoting independence within a supportive environment is central to the service we provide. Our service recognises the importance of personal privacy, dignity, and individual rights. An individually structured care profile is developed and implemented to allow each service user to achieve greater independence, improve their quality of life, and make to their own choices.

A systematic approach to care planning is essential: all care providers, professionals and purchasers are involved with the development of each individual care profile. Service users are also encouraged to be involved in their own care planning.

The principles of goal planning are implemented within a set of achievable targets for each service user, according to their capabilities. Needs are highlighted, and strengths are nurtured, to enable individuals to achieve their fullest potential. Measurable objectives are essential for all service user’s development.

Caritas provides opportunities for service users to experience a wide range of supported recreational activities, including swimming, hiking, fishing, local walks, day trips, leisure activities such as bowling or going to the cinema, visits to the local library, gardening, cooking, baking, arts & crafts and provide access to further education, volunteer schemes and employment within the local community.

Service users in our care also have the opportunity to go on holiday twice a year.