Our Approach

Philosophy of Care

Philosophy of Care


Our philosophy of care is based upon the belief that people with a learning disability have the same rights and responsibilities as other members of our community.

It is essential that our services and support are tailored to the needs of the individual. This is achieved by developing a care profile consisting of individual care plans that cover all aspects of the service users’ care requirements. The care plans are developed collectively by the service user, with the help and guidance of the care team, family, and other dedicated professionals involved in the delivery of care.

The care teams work with each service user to promote their ability to make positive choices, and to enhance their self-esteem. Through support, the care team enable individuals to make the best use of their strengths and skills in a safe environment. Whilst maintaining a homely atmosphere, we provide stimulating social and educational activities daily. There are opportunities to participate in the day to day running of the home too.

Service users’ contribution to the development and review of policies, procedures and services is also encouraged. We make the following available to all service users within our care:

  • Provide comprehensive, accessible, understandable and up to date information, available in suitable formats, so that service users can review our policies, procedures, activities and services. The appropriate communication support is provided where necessary.

  • Enable service users to participate in activities which influence key decisions in the home, for example: joining staff meetings, representation and involvement in the selection of staff and of other service users, and individual and group discussion.

  • Service users are consulted and participate in all aspects of life at each home and are given feedback about the outcomes of their involvement.