Our Approach

Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

9Our aim is to enable individuals to develop their full potential, by providing access to social, recreational, and educational activities, according to individual needs and choice. Caring for each service user is done is managed to a widely appreciated set of aims & objectives, as follows:

  • Use of a systematic, holistic approach to care, and training.

  • Encourage service users to set themselves goals, and to generate a sense of purpose and feeling of achievement when their goals are met.

  • Offer service users the opportunity to plan and take part in work related or occupational activities, as well as social activities and personal hobbies.


  • Assist service users to integrate into the local community, and access relevant facilities


  • Support each service user to practice their religious beliefs, significant dates and celebrations


  • Support service users in pursuing their social activities and leisure interests.


  • Maintain skills already learned and utilise strengths in the improvement and teaching of new skills.


  • Provide family style accommodation to promote a homely setting.


  • Provide a safe, healthy, stimulating and pleasant environment.


  • A defined daily routine for the workings of the home and making the most of each day for our service users.


  • Foster a strong sense of belonging through shared leisure experiences, communal dining and open discussion about all aspects of daily life for the service users at their home whilst maintaining personal choice.


  • Demonstrate appropriate and effective communication with all involved in the delivery of care.


  • Maintain accurate documentation and records, making information readily available to the care team, family, and other professionals involved with the delivery of care.